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We're a team of 95% women and 80% moms, including our founder. Trying to help to recycle and get easily and at low price that we need for our  children .

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Earth friendly

Recycle, give a second chance to clothes and help the earth.​

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Is important for children to use what they make them secure.​

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How it All Began…​

Organic and eco-friendly project for the future generations.

Minimum waste and maximum impact: environmental, economic, social, our compromise with the future generations.

We understand that the most sustainable product is the one that already exists, therefore,
the only way to build a future within the clothes industry is by allowing them to re-circulate within our garment revaluation system.

Therefore, our mission is to reduce the production of new items, reduce the carbon footprint of existing pieces, and help to make a thought, leaving an heritage in future generations.

Making it accessible to a greater number of people can be what all need.

In turn, the clothes that do not pass our quality control are donated to foundations,
in whose clothing workshops, young people in vulnerable situations learn to transform them into a new item of use
that are reintegrated into the market.

We also believe in no children pictures and private privacy in a important thing in the net and for a better future. 

Our Compromise

At Kloset, we’re committed to quality for you + your children. And we promise to be a source of trusted information and inspiration for all. Good things begin here.

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